Frequently asked questions:

1. Why the app need my location information ?

- First of all, this is a location-base chatting app. Each chat room covers a particular area on the planet, namely, a circular area centered at the chat room creator's current location with a radius set by the creator. So creator's location is needed. Secondly, since each chat room is only visible to users who are currently within its coverage area, we need to viewing users current location to determine which chat rooms they are in the coverage area of (and therefore should be visible to them). Thirdly, the app manage chat room visibility dynamically, meaning as a user enter or leave coverage area of a chat room, the chat room should become visible or invisible to that user immediately. When all these are considered, user location information is needed no matter you are chat room creator, chat room participant or simply a viewer.

2. Is my location information revealed to the public?

- Almost never. The only exception is: when you create a new chat room, your location WHEN you create that chat room is shown on the map, even then, only those users who are currently in the coverage area of that chat room can see it. And nobody knows where you are AFTER that chat room is created. Of course, if you send a message within any chat room, folks in that chat room know you are currently within the coverage area of that chat room. If you simply view a chat room, nobody knows anything about you. In fact, you do not even need to register an account to view a chat room.

3. Can I switch on and off location services for this app?

- Absolutely ! You can switch it on and off however you like. Just keep in mind that the app won't function while location services are turned off.

4. How long a chat room will exist?

- Normally, a chat room will expire and disappear 24 hour after creation. However, if the chat room is still active in the last 2 hours of this 24 hour period, the it will be extended until there is a 2-hour inactivity.

5. What if I still have questions/concerns or have some suggestions?

- Feel free to send email to the support email below, we are happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and we love to take your suggestions !

For any support request, question, concerns and suggestions, please email: support@proche.io